Helen Joy


My job is about making sure views from older people who experience mental health services* are heard, are acted upon and are used to change ways of working for the better. This also applies to their Carers, in their role as a carer and as an individual with their own needs.

This involvement is in all areas of care, from a person's first contact with services through to provision of services in general. Evidence of involvement should be seen in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of services throughout the care system. This can be done as an individual or in a group, by person, by telephone, by email and so on...in fact any way in which a persons circumstances allow. My project's aim is to set up and continue to support ways for this to happen and to become the recognised main route for involvement of Service Users and their Carers.

If you have any thoughts on developing Carer and Service User involvement in Older People’s Mental Health Services then please get in touch. If you are a Service User or Carer there are opportunities to get involved, either personally or through a group you may attend. Please contact me for more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone: 029 2022 2000
Email: nexus@cvmhdp.org.uk
* Older People’s Mental Health Services cover people of any age who suffer from dementia (such as Alzheimer’s Disease) or for people 65+ years who develop other forms of mental illness later in life (such as Depression or Anxiety)